Well, it looks like the buying public seemed to wake up over the last 31 days!

I’m happy to report that July saw a rise in all areas. Sales were up on May and June. Leads were also up on the last two months. There was a better general buzz about the industry I thought throughout this month. Maybe that was just round here, other would have to let us all know what it was like round their local areas.

What is clear to see is that there isn’t a regular pattern to the industry anymore. October onwards used to be absolutely dead, by Christmas and January it wasn’t worth turning the lights on. But over the past few years we have happened to have some stunning Januaries and Februaries. The typical pattern of busy during the summer and dead during winter has been blown completely to shreds now. One wonders if it will ever return to that, if it’s just the turbulent economy that has shattered any standard industrial pattern?

As always, it’s nice to know how you have all been doing. And please be honest, if you’re doing good then great, if you’re not then say so, no one’s judging, just trying to get a clearer picture of the industry out there.