When I say Glasstalk, I mean the website, not the networking event.

When the site first launched the debate raged on there. There was good banter, reasoned debate. Yes it did get a bit hairy at times, but that was to be expected as there were plenty of competitors on there speaking to each other.

But over the last couple of months the site seems to be really stagnant at the minute. The odd status provokes the odd few responses, but other than that the debate and conversation seems to have just died.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on it, trying to figure out why such a busy site has become so lifeless. Maybe it was the novelty of having an industry related forum that had people going there for the first few months. The sheen might have worn a bit thin now and people just might be a bit bored.

The other theory I was thinking about was that maybe double glazing isn’t interesting enough to be able to sustain a forum. Take music forums for example. New singles, albums and bands are making waves everyday, ensuring the debate is continued constantly. In the world of double glazing news worthy issues come along only on a monthly basis. Despite how much attention the Veka/Halo story got, that didn’t even span a month. Perhaps our industry just isn’t interesting enough. 

I know what I would be thinking as an advertiser on the site. I’d be pretty annoyed to think that I’ve paid good money to put my ads on the side banner of the Glasstalk site, then to see very little or no activity on the site, meaning no-one is clicking on them or even seeing them. Massive waste of money!

So how would you rejuvenate the Glasstalk website? To be honest I’m not quite sure. The whole point of a forum is for people to talk. But of people can’t be bothered to talk on there, there is very little anyone can do about it. It would be a shame to see the site go as the industry lacks a genuine forum site in which the issues of the day can be discussed on an equal platform. But with the current lack of interest, I just can’t see it being online for much longer. The owners of the site won’t want to put money into a site which isn’t delivering the goods. 

Ideas and comments very much welcome on this one!