Doors have now joined the ranks of windows, in being judged on an A-G scale of how efficient they are.

In my opinion these should have been introduced at the same time as windows. I don’t know why it has taken 4 years for it to be implemented.

Whilst windows have the A-G scale of judgement, windows can also be passed efficient based on their U-values. According to an article from Homesafe Doors, doors will also be judged on the same A-G scale. Though at a minimum U-value of 1.8, this will placed doors in band E. This means companies are going to have to spend and invest in new technologies and equipment in order to get themselves up to the minimum C band.

There are certain companies already providing certificates to show how efficient their doors are. Door-Stop are one. They have been providing certificates with their door order confirmations for some time now, and we find them quite useful. However they don’t provide one with an A-G scale – will they invest the time and effort to bring these out?

Personally, I believe customers recognise the energy rating certificate more than a U-value. They make the job of explaining and selling the idea a little bit simpler.

It will be interesting to see how fully glazed doors with shape up – like French and sliding doors.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more I can dissect out of this. Very little detail has been released. So there are many questions left to answer. If anyone has any further information on this, feel free to leave a comment, or I can add your information as a guest post on here.