Everything You Need To Know About Selling Pivot Doors

For those of you who follow me on social media, you’ll know that at the end of last year, we installed our first pivot door from Spitfire Doors. It was an exciting and slightly nervous process for us, given the cost of the door and the risks of getting it wrong. I had a [...]

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I Like Them So Much, I Fitted One For Myself

Sponsored news from Deceuninck Aluminium: Stockport-based Classic Construction started fitting the Decalu88 Bi-folding Door from Deceuninck Aluminium at the beginning of 2021 as part of its strategy to supply premium products while reducing time on site, including callbacks. “We aim for the higher end of the market and source higher quality materials,” Classic Construction’s [...]

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A New Composite Door Supplier Enters The Market

As you may have seen on social media this past week or so, you'll know that the industry has a brand new composite door supplier; Portico Doors. Formed by the popular industry duo Tony and Charlotte Craggs, Portico Doors looks set to join an already bustling part of the sector that continues to grow [...]

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Review: Endurance Avantal Composite Door Range

The entrance door market continues to be one of the most competitive within wider fenestration, with innovation almost constant. One of those innovations has been the Avantal range from Endurance, which takes the aesthetics of aluminium and combines them into its composite door. We have one fitted in our showroom and this is my [...]

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The Next Door Market Battle Is Internal

In a further sign of the strength and belief in the growth of aluminium within wider fenestration, there is a growing battle in the emerging market of aluminium internal doors. From what I have seen so far, there appears to be healthy growth potential in what is still a very new niche within the [...]

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A Composite Door I Quoted Rose £600 In Two Years

The other day a client from March 2020, just before lockdowns came into force, came back to me to get a composite door re-priced at today’s prices. The scale of the rise was rather drastic. Composite door price up 40% The type of composite door that was being quoted wasn’t anything remarkable. A Black [...]

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The Entrance Door Market Is Merging

There is a distinct pace to the evolution that is currently taking place within the entrance door market. Where there were clear boundaries between the different types of entrance doors, composite doors versus aluminium doors, for example, those lines are very quickly being blurred and new niches within the market are now being formed. [...]

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Long-Term Performance Still Hampers Composites, Says Endurance

This is sponsored news by Endurance: With summer just around the corner, the performance of composite doors will again come under the spotlight says Endurance Doors. Rising temperatures will lead to a notable rise in heat on the surface of composite doors, with the risk of delamination, cracking and splitting when inferior door skins [...]

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How Composite Doors Took Over

The entrance door market is a very different place from what it was when I joined the industry 17 years ago. Then composite doors exploded, and that changed everything. Composite doors changed the game I joined the industry when I was 16 years old, learning about the product and how to deal with clients. [...]

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Ultra-Luxury Is The Next Step For Composite Doors

Where is the next step in the evolution of entrance doors? The composite door has been the biggest innovation in the entrance door market over the past two decades. It has transformed the door market from something pretty pedestrian into something that is now seen as a sexy purchase by homeowners. But the composite [...]

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Spitfire’s New S-700 Pivot Doors Look Damn Sexy

When it comes to luxury in the UK fenestration market, the entrance door sector has that absolutely on lock. In a few short years we have seen the range, quality and designs of high-end entrance doors skyrocket. There are some seriously sexy doors out there on the market right now, and Spitfire, part of [...]

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Why Solidor Created Residor

After years and years of selling quality solid hardwood composite doors, Solidor, who manufactures over 60,000 doors per year, announced a GRP foam composite door slab at this year's FIT Show. So, why, after all this time touting the benefits of timber, have they gone down the foam route as well? I'm going to take [...]

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Are Spitfire Doors The Best Aluminium Doors In The UK?

This year's FIT Show had lots to offer visitors this time round, including a buffet of the most advanced and innovative window and door products that UK fenestration has ever seen. It meant that as an exhibiting company, it was a tall order to stand out from the crowd. Some did however, and one of [...]

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Will White Doors Ever Make A Comeback?

When it comes to entrance doors, we seem to have come full circle haven't we? First came timber doors, in all the various traditional styles. People painted them different colours, reds, blacks, blues, greens and so on. Then PVCu came about... A white invasion In a similar way to the White Walkers from Games of [...]

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Are Doors Leaving Windows Behind?

The race to get one over the competition in the window and door industry at the moment is probably the most energetic as it's ever been. Almost every month there seems to be a new product or range of products announced by a supplier, designed to take a step further than the product just announced [...]

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