I’m sure that most of you are aware of the existence of this video, and I’m sure a lot of you will have watched this at some point today. I hope that you all share the same amount of shame and disgust after watching it.

The racist, abusive, vile disregard for other human beings, just trying to get on with their lives left me literally opened jawed. I would also like to make this point to anyone reading this outside of the UK, this woman does NOT represent the country as a whole. This tirade of detritus is just one deluded woman’s opinion. Britain still remains an open and tolerant society, whose population is still working hard to break down social and racial barriers.

The other point of disgust to make here is the fact that she spouted her abuse with her toddler sat right there on her knee, in the thick of it. I hate to think what type of household that poor child is having to grow up in. 

I feel awful for those who were either born in this country, or moved here to better their lives. What sort of impression will this leave with them, their families and the rest of migrant population? 

I’m not against immigration. The only thing I would say is that as long as those who come here benefit our nation, abide by our laws and make an effort to fit in, then I have not a single reservation about it. And before people start to talk to me about migrants stealing jobs, a lot of them are doing the jobs that the local population refuse to do as they think they are above it and only want the gold plated jobs.

Finally, one silver lining to point out is the other white woman at the end of the video trying in vein to shut the abusive woman up. I know she used foul language, but the point she was trying to make was correct and she has to be applauded for her bravery in standing up to what was a very violent woman.

Luckily, this woman has appeared in court and I hope she receives a suitably large punishment for making Britain look like a racist scum bag of a country to the rest of the world.