It looks like the industry is now (finally) embracing the final and probably most engaging facet of social media, video.

Over the last few weeks I have seen various new companies pushing their new YouTube channels.  I have tried to look at as many as possible. Some are quite good and well organised, like the Origin Bi-Folding door channel. It is well presented with the right colour scheme and the channel is laid out simply and is easy to navigate.

YouTube logo

Others have been on YouTube for quite a while. Long time DGB sponsor UAP have had their channel for quite a while now and have regularly updated their little corner of YouTube and have amassed over 20,000 views of their videos. Systems companies like Rehau and Synseal have also been on YouTube for a couple of years, though their videos could do with updating a little.

Spend a day or two on Twitter and you will start to see other companies showing off their YouTube channels. This is a sign that our industry is finally getting their heads around the whole idea of YouTube and the benefits an engaging and well viewed medium. Though I am surprised, given the deep pockets and expertise the bigger companies have in our industry, the amount of time it has taken for them to wake up and realise this.

Testament to this rise in video consumption is MyTradeTV. The main reason why MyTradeTV has been created has been to promote the use of video in our industry and associated industries and provide a professional service to make sure that the videos produced are high in quality and promoted in the correct way.

And this is a point that has to be considered. If a company is going to branch out into the world of YouTube, then it has to be done properly. The channel has to be created with an air of professionalism and style, the videos have to be GOOD videos, not filmed on an old hand held camera with dodgy shaking. It has to be done correctly to look credible.

A well constructed video service, whoever may host it, I believe can add another valuable layer to your business and help engage the customer with your company. Online video is on the rise, it’s time to make the most of it!