Fantastic news for the solar industry in the UK has just been announced!

The High Court has denied an appeal from the Government to cut the FIT from 43p per kWh to 21p. The Government lost it’s original battle before Christmas to implement the cuts, but a challenge sent to the High Court ruled in favour of the industry, saying that the cuts were ‘unlawful’. The Government said it would appeal the decision, but it has just been announced that the Government has failed in it’s bid to over-turn the ruling. This is probably some of the best news for the solar industry in years!

The cut off 22p from the tariff would have risked thousands of jobs, numerous companies and would have left the UK solar industry in tatters. However, this is something the industry doesn’t have to worry about and can now focus on installing as many solar panels as possible to people homes up and down the country, doing their bit for the carbon footprint of the nation. More importantly, it safeguards jobs and people’s livelihoods in a time where jobs are probably the most precious commodity right now.

More to follow.