Social media is now getting very much embedded in our industry now. Some companies and indivi

Mike Bygrave at Roseview Windows has created a poll:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PCDZGG2duals know how to handle it and use it to their advantage, some simply don’t. Either way, we all have a behavior when using Twitter.

The poll ask 8 simple questions about your habits on Twitter and takes no longer than a minute to answer. I’m not going to give examples of these questions on here as it would defeat the object of me wanting you all to click on the link above and take the 

Once enough data has been Mike has said he will publish it – and I’m pretty sure I’ll analyze the results myself to see how the industry is making the most of Twitter.Personally, I still don’t think the industry is making the most of Twitter or using it in the correct way. First of all, Twitter is mainly a B2B marketing tool. The general populous still aren’t using the micro-blogging site to search for window companies, Google has that all sewn up. I believe that most businesses update their Twitter feeds with offers so that their Twitter widgets look updated on their websites. I might be wrong, but that’s what I would use it for.Twitter is better for business to business use. Suppliers contacting installers and vice versa has created an excellent online relationship that wouldn’t have been there before. It’s quick, simple and gets things done.Anyway, take the poll, it doesn’t take long, and all feedback on this is welcome!