The parade of high street chains going bust continued today, with card retailer Clinton Cards officially placed in administration. This is putting 8000 jobs at risk.

This is obviously very bad news and something which no one wants to see, but to be honest, I’m not surprised in the slightest. The competition in the greetings cards business has become more competitive over the last few years. Companies like and have taken over the online side of the industry, while Card Factory has romped to success on the high street with their low cost cards.

I use both the Card Factory and and have been happy with their cards, extras and their service. For example, why would I buy a card from Clintons for £3.50-£4 when I can buy a similar card from Card Factory for less than £1 and of a very similar quality? You just wouldn’t.

Clintons was founded in 1968 and operates 628 stores around the country and is the biggest card retailer in the UK.

This obviously isn’t double glazing related, but I think it’s important to realise that times are still tough out there and there are businesses still struggling to cope. The administration has been brought about by the banks selling their debts of the company on to the main supplier American Greetings, who pressed for quick repayments which Clintons could not meet. A lesson here for those business who still hold large levels of debt.