Over the last couple of days I have had a bit of an argument with a couple of others on Twitter with regards to discounts. In this case, it was about the advertising of 60% discounts.

Now lets speak up front and honest here. No company, not a single one, can genuinely offer such a large amount of money off without putting it there in the first place. There just isn’t any other way around it.

In this day and age of honesty and transparency, enormous, manufactured discounts like this don’t have a place in an industry which is trying to clean up it’s image and try to portray itself as one to be respected and which commands a degree of prestige. Offering 60% off isn’t going to help do that. This sort of thing may have worked a decade ago and when I was still in nappies, but when customer after customer walks through our door asking just to give them their lowest price in the first place, it really is time to re-think strategies.

Customers don’t want to negotiate sales tactics and ‘discounts’. They want to know what they have to pay and that’s it. And one tactic which is really getting backs up at the moment is the “buy it now and I can take £2000 off, but you have to sign by the weekend”. People can never understand why a price has to be thousands less today, then loads more tomorrow. It just doesn’t make sense and people see through it. They just have to be strong enough to say no to the salesmen.

Why is it that companies feel only able to sell on price and not on product, quality and service? At the end of the day, our products are our best advert, they reflect our industry, not prices. It’s time we all grew a pair and took a bit more pride in the wares that we sell. Think of it this way; when someone asks for a discount, that is a polite way of saying that they don’t think you’re worth what you’re asking. Do you really want people thinking you’re not worth their money and not worth making a little bit of profit? I know I wouldn’t.