The GGF has recently helped the BBC in resolving a case about transferable guarantees not being transferred in the instance below:

The producer of the BBC TV programme “Rip Off Britain” recently contacted the GGF following an investigation into a GGF Member’s conduct/policy on transferable warranties.

The programme’s producers were concerned that a GGF Member was not offering transferable warranties on windows, meaning a consumer buying a property with new windows fitted would not have any warranty on the glazing. Not only would this be a negative for potential homeowners and property sellers, but it also contravenes the GGF Rules.

On hearing of this case, the Federation immediately contacted the Member under investigation and informed them of the breach of the Rules and of the BBC investigation.

Since the GGF’s actions the Member has now changed their warranties back to transferable guarantees to meet GGF Member requirements and have stated they will also change those warranties already issued from non-transferable warranties to transferable warranties.

The GGF also informed the show’s producers of the action taken and confirmed the requirements for Members to provide transferable warranties as per the GGF Rules.

The Federation also mentioned to the BBC that it would run an article in its monthly exclusive Members online magazine to fully explain and remind Members of the requirement for transferable warranties.

Following the BBC’s contact, the GGF will be reviewing and updating its Model Terms and Conditions to cover transferable guarantees and ensure Members are fully equipped to offer consumers the best possible warranties.

Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive commented, “We are always happy to help with media enquiries and on this occasion, the issue raised showed the benefit of using a GGF Member company. From this case, homeowners can be assured that their warranties are valid when buying or selling a property if they have been supplied and fitted by a GGF Member.”

This latest enquiry from the BBC comes after an earlier enquiry in March from the researchers of “Rip Off Britain” regarding transferable warranties. The BBC producers were pleased with the outcome and it will be included in the programme.

James Lee, GGF Marketing and Communications Manager added, “Being available to help with programmes such as “Rip Off Britain” reinforces our strong working relationship with the BBC. Last year we offered advice on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 programmes and earlier this year, we featured on three episodes of BBC’s “Don’t Get Done Get Dom” TV programme. We will always try to be open and accessible to the media, to defend and promote our Members as the best companies in the industry.”

Everything with this statement is fine, other than the last paragraph. I have quite a big problem with these ‘consumer awareness’ programmes that are on TV. It is these programmes which tell customers to press and press and press companies like ours for discount after discount after discount. Making it look like businesses are making way too much profit and can quite easily afford to give away all their margins! Well they can’t! I know we all like a bargain here and there, but the tactics explained on these sorts of shows really puts business in a bad light and over-inflates the consumer’s expectation that they deserve a massive discount just for asking. So how about some TV shows which explain that businesses, especially SME’s need help from people right now, so don’t go bartering them down so that they don’t make any money on the sale!