GGF: Choose Your Next President Carefully!

I don't think there is much time left for Twitter favorite Mark Warren and his current term as President of the GGF. I'll admit that my attitude towards the GGF was less than positive prior to Mark taking over. But his appointment has pr0ved to be a productive one. As we all know, Mark is [...]

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The GGF has recently helped the BBC in resolving a case about transferable guarantees not being transferred in the instance below: The producer of the BBC TV programme “Rip Off Britain” recently contacted the GGF following an investigation into a GGF Member’s conduct/policy on transferable warranties. The programme’s producers were concerned that a GGF Member [...]

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DODS, GGF And All Things Green Deal

On Friday, I was lucky enough to attend this months DODS Green Deal Roundtable meeting, sponsored by the GGF. These meetings have been created with the aim to get everyone involved in the Green Deal to sit down, talk about the issues that surround the scheme, try and discuss solutions and generally gauge opinion on [...]

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GGF Will Not Support Legal Action

A couple of days ago I wrote about Crystal Home Improvements taking it upon themselves to attempt to start legal action against the Government over the Green Deal. Their aim is to stop the scheme being implemented until they are fully satisfied that SME's will be well represented and won't be forced out by the [...]

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GGF Champions SME’s For Green Deal

Since the inception of the Green Deal, one of the biggest concerns has been how the scheme will make sure that small to medium sized businesses also benefit from it, and that not just biggest companies take all the best bits. The DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) has formed a new group called [...]

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>5% VAT For Energy Rated Windows

>Finally, windows and doors look set to be recognized by our Government, by being included in the Green Deal, due to hit our shops October 2012. But this isn't going to be enough to help our beleaguered industry. Any advantage caused by the introduction of the Green Deal looks set to be swallowed up by super-companies [...]

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>Another Ombudsman Joins The Industry

>Looks like we're going to be dragging up the ombudsman issue again, as a GGF and FENSA backed scheme enters the fray, with their main rivals of course being the DGCOS. Here is the statement on their website:The Glazing Ombudsman Scheme has been launched for the Glazing Industry covering the installation of replacement windows and [...]

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>GGF Joins Twitter

>The glazing industry's biggest organisation has finally joined the Twittersphere! Click here to go to their Twitter page.I'm hoping that this isn't going to be one of the Twitter accounts which posts one tweet per week, with things that we already know. Given the size of the GGF, they should be able to create a big [...]

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>Open Letter To The GGF

>Dear Mr Nigel Rees,The glazing industry is certainly going through some turbulent times at the moment.The VEKA/Halo story certainly gave many something to talk about. But over the past week or so there has been two far more important issues that have shown their heads. Both of which stand to make a massive impact on [...]

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