A month or two ago I put up the poll that you currently see on the right hand side, after I attended a DODS/GGF/Green Deal meeting. I wanted to gauge people’s thoughts on whether or not they wanted to take part in the Green Deal knowing what they do now, or if they just didn’t know now.

Well the poll has been up a while now, though only 39 votes have been cast so far, this is how the split looks up to now:

‘Taking Part In The Green Deal?’

Yes: 8

No: 13

Not sure yet: 18

Of the 39 votes cast, only 8 have said that they are definitely taking part in the Green Deal. Worryingly, the rest have confirmed that they are not or are still not sure yet.

There is only 5 weeks left until the initial launch of the scheme on 1st October. There is still too many doubts and not enough reason for companies to join the scheme.

If you haven’t voted yet, please take the time to do so as I’m trying to build an accurate picture of how I think the industry is going to take to the Green Deal.