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Green Deal Collapse Effects Starting To Be Felt As Two Major Companies Go To The Wall

With the demise of the Green Deal at the beginning of this Government's reign, it was widely predicted that the scrapping of ECO and Green Deal will be the cause of thousands of job losses and the closure of hundreds of companies. Well, it now seems that the walls have unfortunately started to crumble and [...]

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The Government Spent Just £6m On Promoting The Failed Green Deal Scheme

I don't know about you, but if the Government wants to launch a national flagship scheme and make it a success, it's going to need to spend a hell of a lot more than £6million in marketing the thing. Yes, this is actually the figure that the Government spent on marketing the Green Deal to [...]

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It’s Official, The Green Deal Is Dead

It's been a long time in coming, and long expected by a lot of industries, but today the Government announced that it was to stop funding the Green Deal, therefore officially putting an end to the scheme that the previous coalition Government flimsily introduced. "there will be no further funding" It seemed odd timing to [...]

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Green Deal Highly Likely To Be Scrapped

It was only a few days ago that I was hypothesising about the potential fall of the Green Deal under this new Conservative government. And now today, an article from the Independent appears to shed more damning light on to matters. If you're a Green Deal assessment company, this report won't make for happy reading. [...]

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Green Deal Could Be Scrapped By Conservative Government

We didn't really think the Conservatives would win an outright majority at the recent election. But contrary to what every single poll ever published predicted, we got it, whether you like it or not. And with another spending review coming up soon, the Tories and Mr Osbourne will be looking at current expenditure and will [...]

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Labour To Scrap Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

As I widely predicted not that long ago, a new Government after the 2015 General Election would come in and scrap the Green Deal. Well, I'm almost there. The Labour party have said today that should they form the next Government (which is far from a forgone conclusion) they will scrap the Green Deal Home [...]

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Green Deal Will Probably Go Under A New Government

When history looks back at the Green Deal, it will probably see it as a great idea that was poorly planned, poorly communicated, poorly executed and poorly delivered. And in theory, the scheme was a good idea. But beyond an idea, it proved completely useless. At least from the perspective of the window industry. A [...]

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Landlords: Fit Double Glazing Or Face Tenant Ban

We've all seen them as sales people who deal with the general public. Run down, tatty old rented houses with single glazing causing all sorts of cold and damp problems. I have seen my fair share and trust me, there is some seriously shabby windows in some seriously shabby homes out there. However, it seems [...]

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The Beginning Of The End For Green Deal?

Could it be finally happening? Is the Green Deal finally starting to crumble away into the abyss? Well it certainly looks like it to me. The Green Deal Finance Company, the business providing the whole of the funding keeping Green Deal alive has warned that it is running out of cash and struggling to find [...]

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Outrage As Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Closes

There was outrage in the home improvement sector on Thursday evening as the very recently announced Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was abruptly closed after the Government said that it's £120m fund had dried up. This was the press release put out on the main Government website: Due to overwhelming popular demand, the Green Deal [...]

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Is This The Last Attempt At Saving The Green Deal?

This week saw the introduction of yet another incentive to try and attract homeowners to the Green Deal. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey announced that as of June this year, people in England and Wales would be eligible to claim up to £7,600 from the new Grean Deal Home Improvement Fund. This is [...]

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The Big Fat Flop Continues

Another month and another set of stats has been released from the Government about Green Deal. Here are the underwhelming figures: Green Deal assessments to end of September stand at 85,177, up from 71,210 in August Just 57 live Green Deal plans up to end of September 392 new Green Deal plans in September 505 [...]

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Yet More Damning Green Deal Stats

If only the Green Deal was as reliable as the amount of bad news it produces then it might have actually had a chance. Latest figures show that only 12 homes have had energy saving measures installed since January, with just 372 waiting to have measures installed. So far, 71,210 households have had assessments. Do [...]

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Misleading Green Deal Propaganda

First of all, I would like to extend a thanks to @greendealcentrl for following me on Twitter. It is much appreciated. However, I got an e-shot from them the other day which I just could not help disagreeing with. This is the text that was sent in the email: The Green Deal is the Government's [...]

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