After months and months of debating, reports, discussions and speculation, we’re counting down the launch of the Green Deal in days now rather than months.

The Government’s flagship Green Scheme to help upgrade the housing stock in this country however doesn’t look set to launch at the start of October. According to latest reports the ‘soft launch’ as it’s being called won’t even be ready at the start of 2013. It will be more like Spring 2013 before the scheme is launched in any such workable fashion.

Over the last couple of months, there has been some serious issues that have arisen that really do need to be rectified before the scheme goes live…if it is ever to go live of course. The latest and most serious problem was the low VAT problem. The EU last said that the 5% VAT rule on all the measures…BAR WINDOWS…is illegal and the UK wasn’t allowed to include that. The Green Deal needs the 5% rate if the ‘Golden Rule’ is to have any chance of working. If the Golden Rule does not work, the scheme is as good as dead.

As for the poll I have been running on the right hand side of this site, I am going to keep this live until the original day of launch, 1st October, and then publish the results. Though if the scheme were to run based on the votes cast now, it certainly would not be a success. There are just too many reasons to not bother with it at all.

The opinion of a lot of people I have listened to and spoken to is that the original route people use to go about buying their new windows and doors will remain and the Green Deal will just be one of those quiet little options that is there, lurking in the background, mostly being ignored and being rebuffed by most salesmen if a customer asks about it.