Doors are an important feature of any home, opening up space and providing an aesthetic appeal to complement any room.

Bi-folding doors offer a modern look that can’t be replicated by the conventional patio or French designs. They’re often manufactured with two panels, though there can be more, and these are connected with centralised hinges.

Bifolding doors have been growing in popularity over the last few months and Quotatis have expanded their service to provide fully verified leads for this product.

Bi-folding door leads

With bi-folding doors turning into a market leader, you don’t want to miss out on an excellent opportunity. Brentford, Bristol and Kensington are currently the most popular UK regions for bi-folding doors, but Birmingham, Manchester and London have seen an increase in uptake.

There are two core services Quotatis supplies, Select and Connect. With the Select service you can choose leads as and when they’re available from your own dedicated Quotatis account.

The Connect service allows you to set parameters such as which areas you work in and how many bi-folding door leads you want on a weekly or monthly basis. You only pay for the leads you receive; eliminating the gamble of advertising, where there is no guarantee of success.

Add more products to your account

Quotatis doesn’t just offer bi-folding leads either and there are dozens of products to choose from.

As well as bifolding doors, Quotatis’ product list includes double glazing, triple glazing, new doors and conservatories.

Remember, with the Connect service there is no membership, monthly, quarterly or annual fees. You only pay for each lead you receive and you can set which areas you’d like to work in.

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