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What Does The Equality Act Mean?

It's time to take a look at an issue inside the commercial sector of our industry. We already know there are many building regulations in force but the Equality Act (if you are passionate about disability rights) is one that gets very little love. As installers, whether it's commercial or residential work that we do, we [...]

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Q And A With Malbern Windows Founder

As Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of Retail Sales at Manchester’s leading double glazing company Malbern Windows, Wayne Clarke’s wealth of experience (he’s worked in the industry since 1978) makes him ideally qualified to shed some light on the double glazing industry. He shares his predictions for the future as well as his tips for [...]

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What Would An Independent Scotland Mean?

The Scottish Independence referendum is creeping ever closer. As the polls narrow, the possibility that the Union we have become used to for hundreds of years might in fact be coming to an end. So it's time we all really did start thinking about the consequences should Scotland split from the UK. Colin Torley, Sales [...]

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Guest Post: Scottish Independence – What a ‘Yes’ Vote Means for Your Finances

Hello all! I'm back from my two week break in Tenerife and set to step everything up a gear as we go into the final third of the year. It was a well earned break as I was burning out very quickly and needed some R&R. The weather was perfect blue everyday with temperatures reaching [...]

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The Future Of The Bi-Fold Market

It's always nice to be able to post an opposing view as a guest post on DGB. It keeps the debate going. So, in response to my post about the bi-fold market being at risk of saturation, the following is the rebuttal from the Bifold Network... In May, the Double Glazing Blogger wrote a post about the [...]

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Guest Post: Improving Efficiency in the Home

The last few days have been rather easy for me in terms of blog content, as most of it has been sent in by readers. Today's continues that trend. I have been contacted by a company called UK Power. They are an energy price comparison website which deals with the general public in helping them [...]

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Bi-folding Doors – Which Material is Right for Your Project?

The guys at Origin bi-folds have been kind enough to supply a guest post for DGB about the pros and cons of the various types of materials for bi-fold doors. It's a pretty good one this one, and I have made them make sure it's not an advertorial ;-) enjoy! In recent years, bi-fold doors [...]

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The Glazing Vault Launches 24-7 Sales Person

I was contacted earlier on in the week by a PR company asking if I put guest posts on my site. Now unless I know them, or they are a paying sponsor, I usually say no. However, I was intrigued by this and wondered what the rest of you thought. Have any of you used [...]

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Charity 15,000ft Skydive – Please Give Generously!

Here is a guest post from industry favorite Ben Warren. This is something I really would not do, but good luck to him! Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to Glazing Blogger for letting me post this article on his website, really appreciate the help in spreading the word. I am doing [...]

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Your Window Is Only As Good As The Hole It Goes In!

I'd like to introduce another great guest post from Mark McLean! This might be interpreted as a rant……but here goes anyway! This week has seen me travel the length and breadth of bonnie Scotland cleaning up the mess left behind from a “continental glazing specialist”. Now before I get into depth about this, I for [...]

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Is There Such A Thing As An Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Door?

Guest post from Mark McLean: Coming from an energy efficient background, predominantly based around the principals of passivhaus, we have to constantly come up with ways of incorporating the latest glazing gimmicks. Bi-fold doors over the years have grown in popularity thanks to shows such as CH4’s restoration man and Grand Designs. These shows always [...]

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Guest Post: Listed Building Gets PVCu!

Now this is a guest post I know everyone in the industry is going to be interested in. Many of us have been campaigning for PVC to be considered for listed buildings. With product improvements making such massive strides, the time is now right for PVC to be considered for the country's oldest buildings. Mick [...]

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Internet Marketing Platinum: Top 10 Web Design Mistakes

Choosing a web designer can be tough when you're not sure what to look for in their portfolio.  Designs must be functional yet aesthetically pleasing.  Here are our top 10 web design mistakes to avoid.  If you see a web designer using these techniques, you should usually avoid them. Use of Flash - Flash is a [...]

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Guest Post: Doing The Hard Yards

A perspective on today’s Conservatory market from Joe Martoccia – Sales and Marketing Director, Ultraframe Limited Apparently, selling conservatories used to be easy – the product was positioned as aspirational, a conservatory was the must have accessory to your home throughout the 80's, 90's, and 00's - A whole industry was born founded on supreme [...]

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Guest Post: Nick Dardalis

The aluminium uptake amongst companies that previously sold only plastic windows continues its upward trend with yet more reports highlighting the increase in aluminium products.  The plastic window companies that continue to comment that aluminium is cold, condensating, doesn’t meet current energy requirements and suitable only for the commercial market are simply backward companies, misleading [...]

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Team Building With Chase Taylor

You could be excused for associating the phrase “Team Building” with thoughts of highly paid executives running round in fields firing paint ball pellets at one another, or jumping out of imaginary hot air balloons as a part of developing trust. In the case of UAP and Chase Taylor Recruitment however “Team Building” meant exactly [...]

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