The headline of this post was a question that @InternormUK posted on Twitter the other day and it was something that surprised me a bit.

We have only had triple glazing on the UK scene for a few years and that really hasn’t broken into the mainstream yet at all. For many triple glazing has been a product that has been hard to push, both from a pricing point of view and a lack of justification for the consumer to buy it.

The best way to answer the question of if the country is ready for quad glazing is to ask in what scenarios would quad glazing be used. Currently, triple glazing is only being used by the ultra-eco consumer looking to save the very most on energy, or by those living in high noise areas. Currently, all reports suggest that triple glazing is doing a pretty good job in those areas so far. So why the need to go for quadrouple?

In other countries, where the winter climate is far longer and far harsher than ours, say Scandinavia, there is a need for quad glazing to keep the incredibly low temperatures outside. Here however, temperatures do not get to 30 degrees below freezing. Therefore the need for quad glazing due to extreme weather isn’t necessary.

Then there is cost. Consumers are struggling to justify the jump up in price to triple glazing. For many it is in a price bracket simply out of their reach. Quad glazing will be yet another step up from that.

I honestly think that if quad glazing is going to be used, it will be used in very expensive, one-off aluminium architecture and the very grandest of grand design homes. There is absolutely no mass market for quad glazing in the UK right now. There is also very few out there who would be able to manufacture it, other than companies like Internorm of course. If you’re going to sell something, then the infrastructure has to be in place. Currently it is not.

So, in short, no, the UK is not ready for quadrouple glazing.