As if I even have to tell you, there is just a matter of hours left to make sure you get your nominations in for this years inaugural National Fenestration Awards!

I’ll cut straight to the point. It’s all free, open and fair. To take part:

  1. Go here: and register to take part for FREE!
  2. Click the link in the confirmation email – you can’t nominate until you do this!
  3. Done it? Good! Now you can nominate once in each category. You can also put yourself forward if you wish!

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

Got questions or you don’t know if/why you should take part? That’s a fair question. Go here to find out more about the National Fenestration Awards and see why myself and @mytradetv are running it:

However, the door will close on nominations at 12 midnight TONIGHT! Once closed, we shall be counting the nominations and creating the shortlists. If you haven’t taken part, but don’t like how those shortlists look, then, just like with politics, if you didn’t nominate, you shouldn’t complain!

Good luck and have fun!