Well it looks like we all seemed to survive the storm everyone has been talking about. In all seriousness, we hardly got anything up here in West Yorkshire. Yes it was a bit bleak and dreary this morning, but nothing other than a typical Autumn day. No wind either. But I know that further south there has been far more to worry about.

Hundreds of trees have come down, falling on power lines, as well as some unfortunate cars and homes as well. The downed power lines are to blame for nearly 300,000 homes in the UK currently without power. Not an ideal situation given that the weather isn’t all that warm at the minute.

The storm also seems to have taken three lives so far. A 14 year old boy is thought to have drowned at sea in Newhaven after swimming. A 17 year old and middle aged man have also lost their lives due to falling trees. As this raises a point. I know we all moan and groan about the news and media hype about such things, but if this were in America this would have been classified as a Hurricane Force 1 storm, and we all know how much damage hurricanes can bring. This was a serious storm which has caused major damage to some parts and has taken life. We shouldn’t trivialise the situation because some were a little late to work and the trains weren’t working.

However, in most parts the sun is now out and the storm is now in the North Sea about to give other parts of Europe a good battering. It’s time to start clearing up and getting back to the daily grind up until Christmas now.

Were any one’s fitting schedules affected? Were any of you late to work? Are you in Scotland and wondering why some of us are being a bit dramatic about it? All comments welcome in the section below!