As if you haven’t heard already, there’s a stonking big storm about to batter the southern half of the UK tonight and Monday morning. It is coming at a rather inconvenient time.

Rush Hour

The storm is due to hit the country just as everyone gets in their cars to go to work. Monday mornings are bad enough but add flash flooded roads, the odd overturned lorry and fallen trees, then rush hour is going to be a very grizzly journey to the office.

Cancelled Fitting

This week has seen some fairly difficult conditions to fit windows and doors in. The regular rainfall has actually put us back a few days. This usually wouldn’t be a problem but when you already have 5 weeks solid work booked in and no gaps to fill, this becomes more complicated. I am sure other companies have similar situations going on. But if this storm on Monday is as bad as predicted, then no one south of the Scottish borders is going to be fitting much at all.

Heavy and sustained rainfall is predicted for much of the day, which puts paid to any chances of quality work getting done. But more dangerous are the winds. Gusts up to 90mph will mean that ladders and scaffolding will be no go areas for most fitters.

So, another day of no fitting, on top of delayed work from this week, and no gaps ahead to try and fit it all in. Cue logistical and scheduling nightmares.

Quiet Showrooms

Torrential rain and hurricane force winds. You can say goodbye to any customer thinking of coming in to see your windows and doors on Monday. Just like with all that snow we had over the last winter, this sort of weather is perfect for keeping people inside…with their wallets.

Good Roof vs Bad Roof

One things these weather events are very good at are sorting out the good conservatory roofs from the poor ones. The cheaply made, poorly fitted conservatory roofs of old always tend to be highlighted by things like this. By this highlighting, it should demonstrate to customers that their conservatory needs updating. So, you never know, stuff like this might be good for business!


Unfortunately, this is probably the only story that is going to be covered on the news channels on Monday. Sky news were already covering it on Saturday evening. If you have already given up on watching the news because of it’s lack of positive stories, then you won’t really care about this.

So, batten down the hatches, have plenty of hot tea and coffee on the boil and prepare for a pretty slow Monday.