Among the many sad little interests I have, weather is one of them. I was wandering about online the other day in search of Winter forecasts, trying to find out what this coming Winter might bring. Now the news is both good and bad, depending on your opinion of Winter.

If you like the snow and cold, then you might be in for a treat. Of what I have seen, the chances are that we are going to have another long, cold and snowy Winter. The majority of long range forecasts I have seen talk about something called ‘northern blocking’. This is a weather pattern which brings cold dry air to the UK, much like in the Winter of 2012. But there are also forecasts which point to an early and heavy snow fall. So, get out your sledges, snow shovels and start buying a few bags of grit!

However, if you are a hater of the cold then this is going to sound pretty miserable. The long Winter last year caused a bit of a drag on business and it took all of this year to recover from it. We have had four long cold Winters in a row now and those not fond of snow and ice might not mind reverting back to Britain’s more wet and milder seasons for a change.

When energy bills have suffered such a massive increase in the past month, a long, cold Winter is the last thing many struggling to pay bills will be looking forward to. So it is important to bear in mind less fortunate, especially the elderly, if and when such harsh weather hits.

There is though a silver lining to these sorts of weather events. The colder, the longer, the snowier the weather is, the easier it is to sell the energy efficiency message of our products. It is after all, the weather that gives windows purpose. When harsh weather strikes, it gives our products a greater sense of importance. This is something we should latch on to and make the most of.

Long range forecasts are sometimes unreliable, so be sure to take a big pinch of grit with this post!