The favourite royal couple in the country have had their planning permission granted for what would probably be one of the grandest, most expensive glazed extension in the country. But one of the questions on my mind is how do they go about getting quotes for the work?

Does the Royal Family have an approved list of companies to choose from? I can’t imagine Prince William Googling his local builders and window installers. Or maybe they do? Perhaps they want to go down the normal route? If so, would a standard double glazing company want that sort of work?

Think about the security and checks that company would have to go through before, during and after they did the work. They would have to sign privacy agreements, non-disclosure forms, each person would have to be vetted for security measures etc. I guess any double glazing company wouldn’t be used to doing business that way, but they would have to if they were working for one of the most famous couples in the world.

Due to security, their plans were not made public like normal planning applications are, so no one really knows what the design will actually look like. But given the space and money available, I’m sure it will be palatial!

Once the work has been complete, I am sure we’ll some very grand images of the finished article. You can see a BBC report on the story here: