Remember a little while ago when I wrote about a door order I won mainly because my competitors thought the client was joking about the spec he wanted for the door? No? Didn’t think so! Click this link the refresh your memory:

Anyway, we have since fitted the product and this is the final result:


What do we think? I think it looks quite good in the end! I was a bit unsure at first as I’ve not sold a door like this before. But as with most things, final judgement needed to be made once it was fitted, but I quite like it.

The brushed aluminium hardware sets off the red colour very well, and the custom sandblasted number and house name gives the door a unique feature. The customer was pleased in the end too. Another unique door to add to our growing collection, and not a bad result given that the other company didn’t think he actually wanted this door in the first place!

All comments welcome in the section below.