On my way home tonight I was listening to the radio and a little debate about tipping. The presenters were talking about tipping at Christmas and explaining that people are becoming less generous when it comes to tipping people like the bin men and paper boys. That then got me to thinking about our line of work and tips for installers. Is it to be expected that customers should tip installers when they have finished their hard work, or should they get what they are given at the end of the week and that’s it?

Personally, I don’t mind if fitters are tipped at the end of the job, especially if they have worked in poor weather conditions on large jobs. Fitting windows and doors is a physical job that takes it’s toll on the body. I think it’s generous and kind that a customer would give a little extra to acknowledge the hard work they have done all week. I know that they don’t have to, but monetary gifts are more helpful in the pocket than a cup of tea and bacon sandwich!

I can see the opposite argument however. Everyone else gets paid for doing their job in the business, sales people get paid their wage and commission, office staff get their wages, why should fitters get any more than already agreed just for doing their job? It’s a tricky one I think sometimes.

You have to take arguments like this on their merit. The strictest will say that they should get what they get just like everyone else. The more liberal will say that because of how physically taxing the job is, tips should be welcome and that installers deserve. I am of the latter on this argument. Our fitter’s jobs are far more demanding than mine is. I am office based, operating out of a warm office with food and drink readily available. Working conditions far more desirable than installers work in.

I know a few of you on here are current or ex-fitters so all comments on this are welcome!