In 2013 I had my first go at creating an infographic based on some very basic stats. It turned out alright and the feedback was good, so I said that in 2014 I would do a much more detailed one comparing more stats from previous years as well as 2013’s – and there it is in big, bright yellow. All you stat nerds will appreciate this one!

[xyz-ihs snippet=”DGBStats2013″]

The graph shows how much the site has continued to grow since 2009. It’s slightly humbling to see DGB grow as it has, and I appreciate every single one of you who continue to read my daily ramblings. All being well 2014 will be another year of growth for the site and it will reach more and more new people every month. I have stopped setting targets really, although I wouldn’t mind the site breaking the 100,000 visits barrier in 2014, and maybe page views breaking through 180,000 – although the page views aren’t the most important stats.

Thanks again to all those who visited DGB in 2013 and I hope you’ll all continue to come back in 2014!