Secure By Design, or SBD, is an industry standard which many will have heard of. But for those not so familiar, or if you’re wanting to scrub up on the whole subject, this is the post for you.

Secure By Design is a police backed standard which promotes products which are designed in such a way to make life more difficult for would-be burglars. Well that’s my paraphrasing. This is the definition of SBD by the Police themselves:

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

The principles have been proven to achieve a reduction of crime risk by up to 75%, by combining minimum standards of physical security and well-tested principles of natural surveillance and defensible space.

Our objective is to reduce burglary and crime in the UK by designing out crime through physical security and processes.

Secure By Design was established in 1989 and is owned by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers). They are dedicated on the design and security for new & refurbished homes, commercial  premises and car parks as well as the  acknowledgement of quality security products and crime prevention projects. Since 1989, companies in the window industry have been striving to design products which meet the SBD standard. Companies that do reach those standards are able to use this logo on their products and literature:

SBD logo

For those wondering what sort of tests are done to determine what makes the SBD grade, this link will point you to all that information: But, to give you a taster:

BS: 7950, 1997

Specification for enhanced security performance of casements,  tilt/turn windows for domestic applications

BS 7950 must be supported by performance standards relevant to the  materials used:

  • BS 4873, 2005 Specification for aluminium windows.
  • BS 7412, 2007 Specification for plastic windows made from PVC-U extruded hollow profiles.
  • BS 644-1, 2003 Wood windows. Specification for factory assembled windows – various types.
  • BWF:TWAS Timber window accreditation scheme.
  • BS 6510, 2005 Specification for steel windows, sills, window boards & doors.
  • LPS  1270 (Draft) Burglary resistance of security glazing and glazing films. Based  on LPS 1175, this standard enables specifiers to select glazing films that  offer resistance to manual attack equivalent to the building products in which  the glass or film is to be used

So, as you can see, you can’t just waltz into the SBD club! As well as this, products need to also be tested to PAS 24 standards which I’m sure you’ll all be very aware of.

A Secure By Design standard product is great if you’re a supplier or installer. The SBD marque holds a certain level of respect that the industry acknowledges. Not only that, it’s a marque that is recognised by the general public. When they see it they know that the product they are looking at has been rigorously tested and is a product the police force backs.

If you’re a manufacturer and think you have a product which meets SBD standards, you’ll need to get your product tested and then certified. So to help you out, this is the SBD list of UKAS accredited Test Houses:

Assa Abloy Test Laboratory

British Board of Agreement (BBA)

British Standards Institution (BSI)

Buildings Research Establishment (BRE)

Chiltern Dynamics Ltd

ERA, Grouphomesafe

Exova Warringtonfire

Fullex Testing Services

Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)

Winkhaus Laboratories

Wintech Engineering Limited

And here is the list of Certification Bodies:

BM TRADA Certification

BRE Certification

British Board of Agrement (BBA)

BSI Group

British Woodworking Federation (BWF)

Build Check Certification

ER Certification

Exova Warringtonfire

UL International (UK) Ltd

To sum up then, the Secure By Design standard is a highly sought after and rigorously tested, high quality security standard backed by ACPO which is only awarded to products which aim to prevent burglaries by the nature of their design. Hope I’ve managed to keep that as concise as possible. But if you want more information, you can go to their official website here:

This post has been written for Value Doors UK who are a Leeds based UK supplier and installer of high quality doors, many of which come with Secure By Design options. To find out more about those options or about Value Doors UK in general, please visit their website: or contacts them on 0800 955 0898.