Believe it or not, DGB is approaching it’s 5th birthday! Yes on Monday this site will have been bugging the UK fenestration industry with it’s daily ramblings, arguments and controversy for half a decade! Time really has flown since then March 2009 and this site has covered some of the biggest things to happen to the double glazing industry in those 5 years.

This site really has been, and will probably continue to be my own small personal project. It started as a place to rant and rave about my displeasure at some of the things in the industry. It has since developed into a sight which tries to cover most aspects of the industry, with my own personal take on the things happening right now. I’ve also tried to write with a bit more balance and insight, as some vehemently disagreed with some of my own pontifications ;-)

During the coming week, I’ll be doing some posts which will explore DGB over the last 5 years. I’ll be digging up some old posts of the past so we can all have a good laugh at how bad my writing was! I’ll be displaying some of the most read posts over the last 5 years, as well as a couple which landed me in more hot water that I cared for! If I have time, I might even throw in a small surprise…if I have time!

But, those are my ideas. Is there anything you want me to put up there which you would really like to see? Either tweet me with your ideas or leave a comment in the section below?

Either way, next week should be a bit of fun!