All being well, this evening (Monday 16th January) I will be launching DGB Jobs. This is a trial of a new service that I hope will take root and grow over time. If it does, great. If not, then I’ll quietly retire it.

The aim of DGB Jobs is very simple: to give people looking for a change in direction within the UK fenestration industry. And to give companies looking to expand a chance to advertise their open positions.

Now I say all being well, because I tested them system I want to implement myself yesterday and I managed break DGB in the process. Thankfully my IT guys got quickly on the job and got it back up and running. They assure me that by using the system I have put together it should all be fine. Not sure I’m convinced, but we’ll see how it goes!

How it will work

I have tried to make the service as simple as possible. It will all be available to see on a single page. There will be three tab: Search Live Jobs, Submit  Job Opening and Job Dashboard.

For those looking for new job openings, you use the Search Live Jobs tab. All published jobs sent in from employers will be live to browse and filter through here. If you’re an employer, you’ll use the Submit Job Opening tab. By entering your email address to complete the job submission, you’ll also be creating an account in which you can manage the listings you post. Once posted, you’ll be able to edit, change, remove and add further job listings. This makes it simpler to remove job positions once they have been filled.

The Jobs Dashboard tab is where you’ll view all your live job listings. As they become filled, you’ll be able to remove them so long as you’re still logged in.

Each job submission will be approved by myself, simply to to ensure spam does not get through. Once you have entered your first job submission, you’ll be sent an email which will give you the option to change your WordPress automatically generated password. If you do, remember what you change it to!

It’s a new system, and I’m just getting used to it myself. So if this is going to be of interest to you, take some time to play about with it first. If you’re struggling, get in touch via the usual methods.

It’s also free. There’s no cost to use DGB Jobs other than a bit of your time!

DGB Business

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone basically. People working in the industry but fancy a change of pace or scenery can use it to see what options there are to explore. It’s for employers, who are looking to expand and want to use DGB Jobs as part of their wider search for the right person. It’s for PR and recruitment agencies if they wish to post a variety of job openings on behalf of their clients.

This is just a trial of the system, to see if there is any demand for it. Hopefully it will grow into a useful service that will be used regularly by plenty of people both sides of the job. However, if it fails to take hold then I don’t mind in admitting defeat on that front and retiring it.

I do however hold some faith that it will work, once any discovered kinks are ironed out. I have seen the rise in popularity of platforms like LinkedIn. There are now a number of glazing related recruitment agencies doing some fine work too. Hopefully DGB Jobs can grow to be part of this community and be a useful service to those wanting to change careers or to those looking to expand and hire.

Any thoughts, ideas and comments on this new idea are more than welcome via the comments section below. All feedback welcome!

Live links and graphics for DGB Jobs will appear on the home page once the service has been launched.

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