Another post, another question from a homeowner. You can see why I need to build a consumer section to this site! Anyway, this time round it is a homeowner who has bought some sealed units online, but is concerned as to the quality of the units they have received. This was his correspondence:



I hope you dont mine fielding a couple of newbie questions regarding the quality of the double glazing units I ordered on-line. Obviously if I ask the supplier directly they have an invested interest in telling me they are all perfect.

The units are 16mm toughened glass argon sealed bought to replace the 16mm broken sealed units housed in our wooden framed windows and door’s.

I think they are of a poor workmanship, but maybe I’m going to fussy and its normal to expect the following issues?
Now to be fair to this guy, he hasn’t gone naming and shaming in his original email, and he’s not kicking and screaming. In fact it appears he is open minded as to whether he is being too fussy or not. So, below in the image carousel are the 6 images he provided me with. Please scroll through the photos and take a look for yourselves. All the areas of concern have been marked in red borders by the reader to make it more obvious. Please forgive me displaying the images like this, the images were quite large and would have made this post much harder to digest had I displayed each one individually. This way is much neater!
Now from my own personal point of view, I have certainly seen much neater glazed units in my time. But there are a couple of things which stand out to me the most. Firstly it is that stepped unit. 5mm might not seem a lot, but in glazing terms, this is quite a lot, and can negatively affect the lifespan of that unit by a fair bit once it has been fitted. Also, the issue with the wandering kitemarks. I’m no expert, but is it that hard to have all the kitemarks in once place on the sealed units?
As for the others, they appear to be a mix of scuffs and scratches. Either way, they aren’t the best. But the main aim of the reader here is to know whether to send them back, claiming poor quality, or to accept what he has been given. Personally I would at least contact to the supplier to inform them of the issues and then judge the feedback of the company. No name has been disclosed to me but I’m sure if you look at the labels on some of the images, you could see who the supplier is.
All comments on this welcome as always in the section below.