Reader Question: Faulty Sealed Units?

Another post, another question from a homeowner. You can see why I need to build a consumer section to this site! Anyway, this time round it is a homeowner who has bought some sealed units online, but is concerned as to the quality of the units they have received. This was his correspondence: Email [...]

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>My Questions To Tesco Windows

>As with anything new, questions are asked. And with Tesco Windows, this is exactly the same. So I took it upon myself to pose some questions to Tesco Windows to see if they would reply and shed some more light about their plans - and to test how honest they really would be.HelloI'd like to [...]

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>To Post Or Not To Post?

>Some of my most popular posts have been the recent Quality Counts posts. These posts have gained the most reaction and the most comments.But, these posts are showcasing the failings of an installations company, and so the content is quite sensitive. Even though the company in question has not been named, I am starting to [...]

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>What is a good amount of profit to make per window or door? I've heard very differing estimates recently, some very low and some quite high. So I'm putting the question out there, what is the right margin to put on a window or door?I'm not expecting many responses, unless they are anonymous ones, this [...]

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>What Is A Good Amount To Sell In A Year?

>A salesman's worth is usually measured by the amount he/she sells in a year. So the question is what is a good amount to sell over the course of a year? £300,000? £500,000? £1,000,000?I'm sure people will have differing opinions on what is a good number, so comment and leave your thoughts on what you [...]

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