For some of you, you might have seen that this website didn’t run as smoothly as possible during Friday. This was because the website came under attack from hackers. According to the IT company who hosts this site, the attacks originated from Brazil, China and South America. The attacks were login attacks – attempts to gain access to the insides of the site like I have. Thankfully the site was well protected and the IT company I use (Fivenines) picked up the attacks straight away.

The resulting action was to move all websites hosted with the company to a different server. I think the National Fenestration Awards website was also attacked. The website migration did cause a few little hiccups along the way, but the move was vital to ensure the safety and security of all sites that we have hosted with Fivenines.

Protect your websites

What this episode demonstrates is that website security is absolutely vital. There are groups of hackers based all around the world that attack our websites at random just because they can. Thankfully they didn’t get in. But if they had, they could have done some serious damage. They would have had access to all the sites posts, comments, images etc. They would have had the power to shut down the site completely. This is why it is so important that your site is well protected.

If you have the technological skills, then this is something you should be doing, if you’re not already. But at the very least your hosting company should be making every effort to make sure that your website/s are as protected as possible. Backups made regularly, data kept secure by numerous firewalls etc. Someone told me the other day that they lost their website totally because of a hacking. These things can be absolutely devastating, so make sure your IT company or yourself is doing as much as you can.

The sites have all been successfully migrated and everything should be running smoothly now, so hopefully that will be the last attack on DGB for a while!