The development of digital technology has created endless marketing possibilities for installers, such as with interactive window or door builders. The Composite Door Network have developed their own composite door builder with the help of Purplex Marketing. The composite door builder acts as a great interactive sales and lead capture tool, helping the Composite Door Network sell more doors.

With so many other installers out there offering similar products, any way that you can make your business stand out to potential customers is incredibly useful. Using the composite door builder at sales appointments is not only novel for the homeowner, but it’s a quick and easy way to send the design through to order.

Solidor composite doors

Solidor doors are available in a huge selection of classic and contemporary designs, with new lines and colour options coming out every year. With so many options, it’s impossible to show off every possible door in a standard brochure.

That’s why a door design tool was the obvious choice for the Composite Door Network. Visitors to the website can change every possible feature of a composite door. You can then email your designs at the touch of a button and the Composite Door Network will custom-manufacture your doors, then deliver them to wherever you are.

1000s of combinations

The composite door builder features an incredible range of options from which a potential customer can build their dream composite door.

Featuring an incredibly user-friendly design, the online builder is one of the most intuitive available, with a function that allows users to see the door from the inside as well, and change the style, colours and glazing options.

Customers can customise their composite door order right down to the last detail, including threshold, cill, hinge location, dual colouring, spy holes, handles and much more.

Join the Composite Door Network today

If you want access to the best composite doors, and the best leads, join the Composite Door Network today. With modern manufacturing facilities at the Sheffield factory, the network offers fast lead times, on-time deliveries and expert advice, for a smooth installation every time.

Solidor composite doors have a great reputation for quality and energy efficiency. The Composite Door Network supply Solidor composite doors ready to install, with matching Kömmerling frames.

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