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With 73% of purchase decisions beginning with online research, doing online homework appears to be of increasing importance when making purchases. However, it’s not wholly clear whether positive online reviews are more important than costs. Here we consider whether its quality, cost or something else that is most important for finalising sales.

Too much good can be bad

A study by Forbes found that negative reviews, provided they were worded politely, can actually be good for business. Potential customers are also much more likely to trust reviews that are realistic. Products on Amazon with average reviews of 4.7 or so tended to have been purchased considerably more than products with only 5 star reviews. Therefore, a 4 star average review from 100 people is likely have more influence than a 5 star average from 10!

When the economy looks bad, low prices can look good

After the 2008 UK recession, British shoppers considered the price of groceries more important than their quality. Therefore, it is likely that consumer values are affected by current affairs. With Brexit on the horizon, and the subsequent damage to the pound that was caused, a similar ideology might be employed by some who are considering home improvements.

Low prices are not always such a good thing

Studies have found that consumers tend to judge the quality of a product based on its price. The higher the price, the higher level of quality that’s expected. Conversely, this can cause installers issues. If prices are too low, customers are likely to question the quality of what’s on offer. In cases like this, glowing online reviews may play an important role reducing prospective clients fears over the quality you’re offering.

Dealing with the negative

With so many potential problems, it is inevitable that an installation will not always go to plan, leading to the occasional bad review. However, most potential clients will be realistic, expecting the odd negative one. What’s more important is how a company deals with negative reviews. If prospective clients can see that you value a good service more than you value their money, they will be more likely to use you.

There is no substitute for quality

With companies offering to refund the difference for a job of the same specifications, prospective clients often won’t need to consider cost differences between installers. And, with 88% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as word of mouth, glowing appraisals may ultimately decide which company gets the job.

Whilst positive reviews play an important role helping installers get work, their overall influence is limited somewhat. Cost may also play the deciding factor, particularly during times where money is hard to come by. Ultimately, if you always provide a great service, consumers are less likely to mind paying more for it.

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