At the start of the week, the London Stock Exchange published a list of 1000 companies that inspire Britain. This list was aptly named 1000 Companies To Inspire Britain 2015. And I am sure we were all very pleased to see that our industry had a rather good showing. Here are the companies nominated in that list of 1000:

Flamstead Holdings


Distinction doors


Conservatory outlet


Express Bi Fold Doors

Fire glass

GG Glass

Firstly, congratulations to all those companies above for making that list. Out of the sheer number of businesses across all industry in the UK, to make the final cut of 1000 is a great achievement.

Positive industry boost

What this really is though is proof that our industry does in fact have companies worthy of a good reputation. Whilst the nominated companies are able to quite rightly use this news for their own businesses, the wider implications for the industry are also positive.

Our industry has been working hard over the past few years to prove to the general public that the cowboy image our industry has been tainted with is unfair. That there are plenty of good companies out there and it’s only a handful of rogues that are spoiling it for the rest of the sector. Well, above is a good, varied list of fenestration companies in all areas of the supply chain that the LSE claims to inspire Britain. If homeowners can see this report and see the fenestration companies above, this can only be a good thing for our wider reputation.

Click here to see the full list and report

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