We all know how popular composite doors have become in such a short space of time. Their aesthetics compared to PVCu panel doors and wider range of colours and designs have rocketed them past most other door alternatives. There are varying qualities within the market place, but when it comes to the world of the web, they’re absolutely killing the competition when it comes to Google searches.

From nothing to top in four years

When composite doors first entered the UK market place, I don’t think many could have imagined the speed of which the product would come to dominate the entrance door market. There were a few who spotted it though, and they have come to shape the whole composite door market.

But I think the easiest way to demonstrate the product’s dominance is through this graph produced using Google Trends:

Composite door trend search


Blue = composite doors | Red = PVCu doors | Yellow = timber doors | Green = aluminium doors | Purple = steel doors

If you look at when the term “composite door” first made an impact on Google search trends, to when it first peaked above every other door search term listed above, you’ll see that it took just four years. After the end of 2010, the blue line for composite door search terms really took off, and is now well a truly killing it’s competition.

Google Trends cannot be taken as gospel, but when the results are as profound as the above graph shows, it’s probably worth trusting.

Lets put this into perspective. In four short years composite doors have not only over taken and dominated all other types of doors on online search, but they have managed to become a recognised product with UK homeowners.

How many products within our industry do people genuinely know by name, or have a working knowledge of? Not that many. But I can guarantee that every showroom now has people walking in wanting to see composite doors, with at least a basic understanding of what the door is and what options are available.

Bad news for PVCu doors

Whilst it’s great news on the composite door front, this graph doesn’t make for good reading if you’re in the PVCu door game.

That particular product and search term is represented by the red line. And just as in a red line on a heart rate monitor, it’s about to go flat. People just aren’t searching for PVCu doors. An indication perhaps of where the market is right now, and where it’s about to go in the future.

It’s not great news for timber doors either. After starting out strong in the early years of the graph, the term has seen a steady decline as other products have begun to eat away at search traffic. Although in reality, the timber market is now positioned at a premium, more specialised market, rather than value and mass production. So not all bad there.

Great news for the aluminium guys as well. If you track that green line you’ll see it edges up steadily over the past few years to reach what is probably about second, going toe to toe with steel doors. Which to be honest was a bit of a surprise when the results of the search came up. Steel searches have been fairly consistent according to that graph, with a slight rise in the past couple of years catching up with the others.

I think what is clear from the results is that composite doors are here for the long run, and will continue to dominate the online marketing platforms. That is until something else comes along to shake things up again.

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