A showroom is one of the most powerful sales tools an installer has in their armory. Use it well, and it will help land sales day after day. Use it poorly and it will only serve to turn away potential clients. Here are my five tips on keeping your showroom looking fresh and exciting, and how to ensure it stays your most successful sales driver.

1. Keep refreshing your product offerings

Your showroom is the one place customer can go to get inspired. Websites are OK. Brochures are OK. But nothing beats seeing it in the flesh, as it were, and getting your hands and eyes on the windows and doors. So to stir that excitement, the showroom has to be filled with your newest and most eye catching offerings.

No one wants to see some old composite doors or PVCu panel doors lent up on the side of the wall. That’s not going to inspire anyone. Get some really flashy doors in there, perhaps in colours that you’ve never done before. You might not sell a burnt orange door, but you’re telling the customer that you do something different to the rest of the competition out there.

A showroom can sometimes take a bit of effort to look after, but a tweak or revamp every 12-24 months should keep clients abreast of what’s new from you.

2. Keep it clean

It might sound obvious this one, but in my ten years of selling and listening to customers, it may or may not surprise you to know that there are some showrooms out there in need of a good scrub!

If a customer comes into your place covered in dust, dull looking products and stains everywhere, they may not be that inclined to part with their hard earned thousands. Again, your showroom is your ideal chance to demonstrate the level of product quality and workmanship your company delivers.

3. Lighting

Window and door showrooms are always inside, where sometimes natural light struggles to influence. I know this from personal experience. Our showroom building is over 130 years old with only two windows, one at each end. We have to use a lot of lighting to try and illuminate our products.

Your showroom has to feel warm and welcoming. Not too bright and clinical that it feels like a dentist, but bright enough for the products to catch the eye of the home owner walking in for the first time.

4. Balanced marketing

You won’t be able to fit everything in your showroom. If you did you would have nowhere to walk! That is why you have to rely on other forms of marketing to get your point across. To show your potential customer the other options for your products that are available.

But don’t go overboard with it. Walls plastered with posters, pop-up banners in every gap, charts, samples and leaflets can bombard a customer and make the showroom look cluttered and confusing. Using supplementary marketing with a light touch just gets that subliminal message across to the client without blowing their minds about how many colours are available or how many door combinations you have.

5. Best product on show first

First impressions are key, in all aspects of life, not just windows and doors. But if someone is coming into your showroom for the first time, you’re going to want to make sure that their first impressions leaves them impressed.

Get your best, most eye catching product on full view, as they walk in. There’s no point burying your best stuff at the back or behind your bread and butter products. You’re trying to get the attention of your potential client straight away, they need to be drawn to a product that triggers their imagination and excitement.

There are of course plenty of other things to consider when you have a showroom, but if you nail these five points, you’ll be on your way to a successful and productive showroom.

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