Minimum standards in security have been raised in recent weeks. With new Document Q and PAS24 regulations, the emphasis has very much been placed back on the security of the products many of us sell and install. One of the most prominent products to have been put into focus is the composite door.

Arguably the most popular door type in the UK right now, composite doors have become the door of choice for many UK home owners. But, as with most things, there are varying qualities. Some very high, some very low. And a recent video produced by Solidor has thrown into focus the gulf between foam composite door slabs and solid timber slabs like theirs. If you’re a Solidor customer, the video below will be nothing but peace of mind. If you’re not, then it should get you thinking:

Still think foam is a good idea?

Not worth the risk

A video like this really does highlight the gulf between door that are reinforced properly and those that aren’t. Deep down we all knew that foam slabs wouldn’t really hold up against a determined burglar with a sharp tool. But a video like this really does show how much more effective a solid timber door slab really is. It’s not worth the risk.

Security is becoming such an important factor again in the industry. Not that is ever wasn’t. Up until now focus had shifted to design and style, driven by home owners. Security aspects were a given. But with Document Q and the PAS24 test now taking on more importance, that focus has shifted back to security, at least within the industry.

As a sales tool a video like this is going to be a useful asset to any sales person selling the Solidor product. To those that aren’t and are selling a foam slab product this is going to be devastating. No home owner is going to think that a foam filled slab is going to keep a burglar at bay.

Out of all of this there is one clear message: buy quality. You get what you pay for in this world and no cheaply made foam composite door is going to keep a determined burglar out. Buy right from the outset and not only will a home owner be buying a door manufactured properly, but they will be buying peace of mind too.

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