If you have read my recent DGB Insights special series, which can still be read over on DGB Features, you will know that I plan to increase the traffic and reach of DGB over the coming five years. The very high target which I have set myself is to reach a million page views per year in five years time. This is a lot for a website of this kind. But if I can get anywhere near close to that I will be very pleased.

But in order for me to do that, I am going to need to grow DGB so that is has appeal to a wider audience, including the general public, which I am getting an increasing amount of traffic from. This is going to come in the form of three new sites within DGB that are currently under construction.

DGB Guides

Over the past few years I have posted a lot of “Top 5” and “Top 10” posts, guides on how to do this, how to do that, tips, advice and other similar things. These are all still valid posts but have got lost in the time line so to speak.

So, I am currently creating DGB Guides which will curate and display all these types of posts from the past, current and future. I am hoping that the content focused on this new part of DGB will become a useful place for companies of all kinds to explore in search of answers to questions, guidance on various issues or just a place for anyone to brush up on all tings fenestration.

I’m at nearly 2600 posts deep now on DGB, and it would be a shame to lose some of that content to the history books.

Estimated launch date: Monday 12th September

DGB Sites

Back in the day I had a little page set up with links to other websites in the industry that I thought were of some use or value. But it was most certainly a half arsed effort which looked very underwhelming to look and and sparse of diversity and information.

So, in an effort to bring that kind of thing back, I am currently constructing DGB Sites. This will be an area on DGB dedicated to bringing together some of the most important and useful industry websites. DGB now gets a hefty amount of traffic, and I think it would be prudent at this stage to start curating in a proper way a library of websites which carry gravitas, influence and usefulness to the rest of the sector.

This time round this is going to be a properly designed site, with actual thought and effort going into making the pages worth looking at. As opposed to my lazy-assed list page last time round! This one might take a bit more time, but it’s something that I feel needs to be done. So, if you have any suggestions or feel like your organisation’s website should be included on DGB Sites, please feel free to drop it in the comments section below or get in contact via Twitter or email.

Estimated launch date: Monday 3rd October

DGB Consumer

Now in fairness, this isn’t new. So perhaps I should have titled this as 2.5 new DGB sites under construction.

However, I am embarking on a revamp of DGB Consumer. I launched DGB Consumer because I noticed that the site was attracting an increasing amount of traffic from home owners. I was also getting a lot of home owner emails that I just did not have the time to answer every single one.

So I put together a part of DGB that home owners could go to in search of answers to questions they might have about our industry, FAQs, educational materials etc. And I think I made a pretty good start on it, enough to make it live and add to it gradually.

However, as like most things, real life, work and other distractions got in the way and I did not add to DGB Consumer as I would have liked. So it plateaued to the state it is in now. I’m not happy with it.

That is why I am currently revamping that part of the site. The aim is to make it look on the page much like DGB Features. In fact that’s what I want DGB Guides, Sites and Consumer to look like. DGB Features looks the part, and for the sake of continuity throughout the site I want to make as much of it look like that as I can.

I am also going to be putting fresh content on DGB Consumer, some of which I have already completed and is just left in draft but just hasn’t been published and worked into the site properly. But given DGB’s overall growing traffic and home owner audience, I believe this is going to play a major part in helping me to get to the magic landmark of 1 million page views a year in five years time.

Estimated launch date: Tuesday 1st November

All of these launch dates are estimates as ultimately I will be influenced by the day job and home life. I will actually be aiming for sooner launch dates if possible. But I’m giving myself some wriggle room!

I hope that new sites like this will continue to grow the site overall and help cement the brand of DGB that I am working hard to solidify and promote across the industry. And I of course will always welcome your feedback on the above. So please use the comments section below as much as you want.

Exciting and busy times ahead as always!

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