As you may already be aware, we are in the last throes of the epic 2017 nominations phase of the National Fenestration Awards. The flow of last minute nominations has been growing as is to be expected, but that in no way guarantees anyone a place in the shortlists phase in early October.

That is why if you are looking to see your company, or deserving person reach that place, you must continue to nominate and encourage others to nominate too. The more that person or company is nominated, the better chance they have of reaching the final voting phase. Just because you have placed one nomination for that business, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed safe passage.

The date you need to remember is: Thursday 28th September 11pm. That is when NFA nominations will close and the website will go into holding mode whilst we get ready for the voting phase.

How we work out the shortlists is simple. The people/companies with the most nominations will create the shortlists in each category. There is no set number, but expect the top 5 in each category list to make it through. That is why you must keep nominating, one nomination doesn’t mean entry.

So, once we reach closing time, we will place the NFA website into “maintenance mode” in which time we shall be constructing the shortlists out of the nominations received, changing various webpages to equate to the upcoming voting phase, and implementing our new voting system which we will be trialling this year. More on that to be announced soon – but it will be an improvement on previous years and make it even more accessible to more of our industry.

But, that is all in the future, and you still have the best part of a working week in which to influence the outcome of the shortlists and help reward some of our best people and companies.

The good news, it only takes a minute or two to take part, then you can go back to your working day. You have to be registered on the site to be able to nominate. Luckily, thousands of you already are, so if you already are you can go right here to submit your nominations:

If you are yet to register, it’s real easy to do and only take a minute. Just follow this link: then click a link in a confirmation email we send you then you’re good to go. You can nominate once in each of our 17 categories.

Nominations will close this Thursday at 11pm. There will be no extensions. So if you really want to see your chosen people and companies make the final shortlists stage, now is very much the time to get involved. No complaining about the shortlists if you didn’t take part!

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Other things to know

There is a lot going on with the NFAs right now. So here is a quick run through of all the things ongoing and a brief announcements list that should prepare you for a glut of NFA news about to hit your timelines.

Cool Wall

The 2017 Cool Wall is looking awesome right now. There has been a crazy high quality to the submissions throughout this year. To catch up on all the monthly winners so far, follow this link:

The September Cool Wall, sponsored by Clayton Glass and Prefix Systems, is still live and there remains plenty of time to either upload your own work to be voted on, or to cast your own votes on the installations already live and decide this month’s winner. You can do that here:

New voting system

As I mentioned above, we will be using a new voting system for this year’s campaign. We can’t say too much right now, but the new system intends to make voting even easier for everyone. Crucially, we will be dropping the requirement for people to be logged in to the website for the very first time. The intention is to make voting in this year’s NFAs as accessible as possible. Instead, we will be using a new authentication process to protect the voting process. If it works well this year, we will carry it on to future campaigns.

New sponsors

We have a couple of announcements to come this week (hopefully), which will unveil two new #NFA17 main sponsorships. Stay tuned!

Digital magazine

Last month you may have seen our trial of our new monthly digital magazine, simply called NFA Digital. It is a brand new media platform within the NFA ecosystem which is designed to bring all the latest NFA news and announcements, guest editorials, sponsor’s news and PR right to your inbox.

We have had some great feedback after our first one at the end of August, so you can expect the September edition coming in the next couple of days. You can expect to see a library of editions on the NFA website very soon. More on NFA Digital and how you can get involved with that will be available on the NFA website soon.

Voting phase

These are the dates you need to know for the upcoming voting phase and what happens after:

  • Voting phase: Thursday 5th October – Thursday 30th November
  • Winners Week: Monday 4th December – Thursday 7th December

There is plenty going on right now, and it is your participation that is key to making it all work. The National Fenestration Awards remains the UK glazing industry’s only independent awards platform where everyone from every sector of the industry can be part of the process from start to finish. To get involved, go to the NFA website and be part of it all:

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