As part of a major 2018 expansion, the NFA Cool Wall, the industry’s leading installations competition, has been given a refresh. It has now become NFA Projects.

The Cool Wall has been a mainstay of the National Fenestration Awards since it’s inception in 2013. It was one of the very first competitions of it’s kind. A competition which aimed to encourage installers and fabricators to show off their finest work to the UK window and door industry, with the added bonus of being voted the coolest for that month.

It has grown ever since, with the Cool Wall attracting easily the finest work our industry installs on a monthly basis. Yearly winners have been chosen from a longlist of the monthly winners, with the industry voting for the best from that crop of winners. The successful company has enjoyed hospitality at the annual NFA winners event, with of course being presented with a trophy as a symbol of their hard work and success.

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So what’s new?

Well, the methods of taking part in the competition are no different than before. People and companies are still free to upload as many projects to each monthly Projects competition, without having to be signed into the NFA site and is still completely free.

The industry will still vote each month to decide the best project for that month, and each winner will go on to the end of year shootout to decide the best project of the year.

Uploading will also remain the same, via a contact form on each monthly page. The form however will be tweaked slightly and given a refresh.

There will also be some new branding to go along with the refresh of the competition.

But the biggest news is that the competition now has it’s own dedicated Twitter account: @NFA_Projects. Tweets from this account will be solely NFA Projects focused, although it may retweet tweets from the main NFA account from time to time, and vice versa. So make sure to follow the NFA Projects Twitter account as soon as the new campaign begins!

Current sponsors Clayton Glass and Prefix Systems will continue to sponsor the competition throughout 2018 also.

The NFAs hope that you will all enjoy the refresh of this competition, and look forward to seeing your amazing work throughout the year!

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