Last week on Twitter I mentioned that I was considering bringing back my personal column. It was something I started a while back on DGB but it kind of ran out of steam as I put more focus into industry-only content.

However, times have become rather more turbulent since I stopped writing my personal column, and I think now seems about right to bring it back to DGB.

To be clear, this will be a column solely for topics other than fenestration. It will be organised away from obvious industry content. As much as I am sure we all love talking about and reading about windows and doors every day, I know there are other subjects in the world that other people are interested in, and I know that there’s a ton of stuff I like to keep an eye out outside of fenestration!

So, my personal column on here would cover pretty much anything but windows and doors. That could include politics, sport, current affairs, Brexit without a fenestration link. Generally my musings on anything that peaks my interest at the time. Politics is probably going to feature heavily at the start, but only because its front and centre. The subject matter will evolve naturally over time.

Its also going to be a part of DGB that will be used infrequently. Don’t expect a post per day, or even per week. I’ll only visit the personal column when I feel I really do have something to say.

I did consider at one point creating a new site in which to air my views on other things. But I simply didn’t have the time and it would mean having to build up another audience just to ensure people actually read what I wrote. With DGB I already have thousands of you here, so it makes sense to host it here.

As always, some of you will agree with my opinions, some of you won’t, and some of you may well end up pissed off! But, hopefully it will be a place where we can talk about other subjects that interest us away from the busy industry we’re working in.

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