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When fitting a window which packers do you use? The nearest ones to hand? Glazing packers?

How many windows are fitted, and the frame packed out with glazing packers not frame packers? The clue here is in the name pf the products. Flat packers (also referred to as setting blocks) are specifically designed to work with bridge packers to pack out the glass in the sash or frame. Here they work and support the glazed unit correctly and transfer the weight of the glass to the frame. The bridge packer then allows condensation to escape underneath and out through the drain hole covers. That’s why Glazpart developed their comprehensive range of products that all work together.

The glazing or flat packers however cannot support the packing out of the frame to prevent the distortion when the fixings are installed. That’s why professional installers use frame packers.

The frame packer is installed around the frame to make it tight and the window vertical. As they are horseshoe shaped, they can be installed so that the fixing is in the centre with the frame being supported on three sides to stop any deflection as the fixing is installed, normally with a power drill which can over torque the fixing. Once the window is fixed using the correct packer the rest of the window can be installed without any distortion out of true, so less call backs.

Today, frame packers are also designed to give you a helping hand. They are designed to work with your window frame to link into the profile or the fixing itself so that it doesn’t move or rotate when installing the window so the job onsite is quicker and easier especially when working at height.

Today, you can find frame packers at your local trade counter in small handy packs to keep on your van, so when your picking up your consumables don’t forget to ask for your Glazpart frame packers, part of the Packers for Professionals range. Whilst your there why not pick up a new Glazpart glazing shovel!

Pictures below

How not to do it!

Correct installation

Klip frame packers part of the packers for professionals range

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