Glazpart Joins BPF

Sponsored news from Glazpart: As part of its external affairs strategy, Glazpart has joined the British Plastics Federation (BPF). With the trading environment adapting to legislative and policy changes made earlier this year, Glazpart felt it essential to have a voice in discussions with the BPF and its member companies in the plastics manufacturing [...]

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Dean Bradley Joins Glazpart Board

Sponsored news from Glazpart: Glazpart is pleased to announce that Dean Bradley has joined the Board of Glazpart Group of Companies as Sales Director. Dean joined Glazpart in 2012 as Sales and Marketing Manager and has been instrumental in developing the business over the last decade, with continuous unprecedented sales growth. In addition to [...]

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Giving Fabricators A Way To Vent

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart and REHAU: In response to impending changes to Part F of the Building Regulations increasing requirements for ventilation, REHAU has partnered with plastic injection moulder Glazpart to expand its frame accessory selection to include trickle vents. Featuring an innovative ‘link’ suitable for REHAU profiles that allows the [...]

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Trickle Vents Are The NEW Hardware

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart: Many of you will be aware of the impending changes to the building regulations especially the requirement for trickle vents to be used on most windows installed from the 15th of June 2021 for new build and replacement windows! This is being done due to the lack [...]

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Glazpart it’s business as ….. un-usual!!

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart Thanks to the dedication, commitment and flexibility of our team in Banbury the Glazpart factory is still operational. Our team are committed to supporting our customers especially those serving the NHS, medical and food markets. Today, we are still accepting orders from all our customers alongside these [...]

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Universal Retrofit Vent Earns Fitters More

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart Glazpart’s link vent is ready to repair all those broken or damaged window vents by installers and fitters from trade counters. At home the kids hang off them, footballs miss the goal and accidents just happen! Just think how many hundreds and thousands of vents need repairing [...]

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Do You See The Need To Repair Or Replace Trickle Vents?

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart How many times do you see the need for replacement of fitted trickle vents? But where to start, what vent is fitted and how big is the rout to be covered? There is a vast quantity of fitted, damaged and mismatched colour vents that don’t work in [...]

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Are You Using The Right Packers To Fix Your Windows?

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart When fitting a window which packers do you use? The nearest ones to hand? Glazing packers? How many windows are fitted, and the frame packed out with glazing packers not frame packers? The clue here is in the name pf the products. Flat packers (also referred to [...]

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