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With more people now working from home as the result of the pandemic, Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director of LEKA Systems, explains why the LEKA Xi system is the perfect solution for home workers and how fabricators and installers should capitalise on this growth.

The past year has seen a dramatic shift to home working for nearly 19 million people.1 What’s interesting is that it is clear people think the shift is here to stay – and they are adapting their homes accordingly.

For example, in the past year, nearly a million home workers have built an outbuilding to work from, nearly 400,000 have built a conservatory and another 400,000 have extended their property to allow for office space. And the trend is growing too.

A recent survey indicated that in the next 12 months, 1.15 million home workers are planning to build an outbuilding, nearly 600,000 plan to build a conservatory and 1.5 million plan to extend their home.2

The work is likely to be a sound investment with a recent report confirming that a home office in a dedicated room now adds £17,500 to the value of a property.3

It means the opportunities are clearly there for our industry and offer great growth potential for savvy fabricators and installers.

To capitalise on this opportunities fabricators and installers need to look at LEKA Xi, another industry first from LEKA Systems that offers so much more when providing thermally efficient home extensions or garden rooms that people can use as home offices.

The LEKA Xi is a modular conservatory base/wall and it’s two products in one, which gives it excellent versatility. In the three-sided variation, it’s an extension. In the four-sided variation it’s a freestanding garden room.

Both options offer the LEKA Systems hallmarks: quick to install and incredibly thermally efficient.

LEKA Xi is typically installed on concrete pads, which means there is no need to worry about extensive groundworks or foundations. Then there’s the fact it’s constructed from pre-fabricated modular sections that simply slot together. It also gives peace of mind that every part of the construction has been factory tested before delivery and it is ideal for sites where access is restricted.

The LEKA Xi consists of four parts: the base, the wall assembly, the internal finish and the LEKA roof. The base is supplied as a GRP framework structure with supporting feet and the GRP construction means the base is not prone to woodworm or moisture absorption in the way traditional timber is. Neither does it create condensation or lead to thermal bridging in the way the aluminium alternatives might.

Internally, a range of finishes are available and the final step is the LEKA roof, which consists of a GRP frame, internal LEKA boards, insulation sheets, external LEKA boards and engineered slate or tile of the homeowner’s choice.

Away from the benefits of the LEKA Xi there are also the benefits of working with LEKA Systems. The company offer a unique sales proposition to ambitious fabricators and installers to help grow their business by becoming a LEKA partner. Plus, as a LEKA partner, you will benefit from marketing, lead generation and area support all designed to deliver quality leads to your business and help you make the most of the market that’s available.

Quite simply, the LEKA Xi revolutionises the building market because as home workers seek to make homeworking a more comfortable experience, the LEKA Xi is the quick, easy and cost-effective way to achieve it. So, if you are an ambitious fabricator or installer who wants to grow their business and take advantage of the market opportunities, then LEKA Systems is the place to start.

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