Last week I held a poll on the DGB Twitter account, further exploring the idea that Anthracite Grey was being oversold on new windows and doors. The question I asked on Twitter garnered a lot of responses, mostly “yes”, so I put it to a vote to see if that would back up what I thought was becoming a trend.

The results were pretty conclusive.

Two-thirds say Anthracite is oversold

This was the question I asked the DGB timeline:

Anthracite Grey twitter post

I ran the poll for 7 days via @glazingblogger and was one of the more popular polls I have held on there in recent years. After the poll closed, these were the end results:

In my article on this subject last week I put forth my own point of view that Anthracite Grey works well on windows and doors in homes where the longevity of the colour and its overall fit within a property is well considered. For example, where the dark Grey contrasts against a light-coloured render, or if the new windows and doors are going into a super-modern home or new-build property.

Where I think they do not work is where the colour palette of the home is already dark, for example where the external walls are a dark red or brown brick. The overwhelming popularity of Anthracite Grey for new windows and doors is resulting in some homes opting for the colour where perhaps another choice might prove more timeless and age better.

Nevertheless, whilst the colour remains popular as is an easy sell, installers will keep selling what they are asked for and fabricators will keep churning the windows and doors out.

I will reiterate though that I do believe that we’re going to see a lot more Black in the coming years. I have noticed a definite uptick in the demand for Black windows and doors in the last couple of years, with a lot of that coming from the aluminium part of the market. I think we have reached peak Grey and a growing percentage of the public may well be opting to go back to the tried and tested colour choices like Black, rather than what is temporarily fashionable.

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