Certass is delighted to share that its Chair Jon Vanstone has been appointed Chair of the Industry Competence Committee (ICC), a pivotal statutory committee operating under the Building Safety Regulator, overseen by the Health and Safety Executive. With a steadfast commitment to advancing competence standards in the built environment, Jon Vanstone assumes this role after leading the interim committee (IICC) for the past two years.

The Industry Competence Committee (ICC) is pivotal in ensuring competence is at the forefront of the built environment. With an unwavering focus on competence enhancement in light of the Grenfell Tragedy, the ICC operates as a critical advisory committee within the HSE, focussing on promoting and enhancing safety measures from design through to products, installation and management of all aspects of a building.

Jon’s appointment as Chair underscores his dedication to fostering a culture of competence within the built environment. Jon’s extensive experience and expertise make him the ideal candidate to guide the ICC’s efforts in its mission to bolster the competence of organisations and individuals, ensuring people can live and work in buildings that are safe.

Jon shared his enthusiasm for the role, stating. “I hope to see the work of the ICC usher in an era of transformative change at all levels of industry so that people across the country can be safe and feel safe in the buildings they live and work in.”

The ICC’s statutory standing within the HSE positions it as a foundation of the regulatory framework, underlining its role as a guiding force in competency practices and protocols within the built environment. With Jon at the helm, the ICC is poised to continue its impactful journey started during the tenure of the interim committee, fostering a culture of safety, collaboration, and excellence across all sectors.

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