Social Distancing Could Be In Place For All Of 2021

The start of the year hasn't been the new start everyone had been hoping for. The pandemic rages on, the country is in lockdown and the daily death toll is intolerably high. There is one positive however and that is the rate of vaccination in the country is ramping up in a big way [...]

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Letter To The Editor: Changes To COVID-19 Guidance On In-Home Sales

New guidance is being issued today by industry trade bodies which are going to change the advice given with regards to in-home sales. Up to now, the guidance has been that in-home sales, including in private gardens are not to be done, with all sales activity being done remotely. However, that advice is now [...]

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Scotland’s Lockdown Gets Tougher – How It Affects Fenestration

The Government in Scotland has been warning for days now that the lockdown measures in the country were about to get tighter as the pandemic continues to spread in the country. Today SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon addressed the Scottish Parliament to lay out the new rules being brought into force in the country in [...]

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BEIS Secretary Of State Kwasi Kwarteng Issues Letter To Construction Sector

Yesterday, the newly appointed BEIS Minister Kwasi Kwarteng issued a letter to the construction sector to reaffirm the position that they can continue to work during lockdown. Here is the letter in full (with the corrected date): Twitter and Linkedin has been drowning in this letter since it's publication as the sector seeks to [...]

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Door-To-Door Sales And In-Home Sales Were Banned On Christmas Eve

The debate in the past 24 hours or so has been focused around whether in-home sales and door-to-door sales can take place during this lockdown. I addressed this issue in a post yesterday. You can catch up with that article here. However, new guidance has emerged today, that was actually published on Christmas Eve, [...]

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New Clarity On In-Home Sales And Door Canvassing

Since the announcement of the new national lockdown in England, questions have been raised inside the fenestration industry about what work is and is not allowed to take place. Including that around door canvassing. For clarity, manufacturing can continue. There was never a chance that was going to be closed. In Scotland, installers have [...]

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Financial Support Announced As England Enters Third National Lockdown

As England and Scotland begin their next national lockdowns, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced further financial support for businesses affected by the new restrictions. A £4.6bn package of grants have been made available for companies closed by the lockdown. Grants are one-off payments of £9000. This is primarily for non-essential shops, retail and [...]

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England And Scotland To Go Into Hard Lockdowns – What It Means For Fenestration

Scotland and England have both today announced hard lockdowns to combat rising COVID infections and pressure on the health service. The new restrictions take us back to where we were in March and are set to last through January and possibly longer depending on the state of the healthcare situation. For Scotland and England, [...]

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Latest Tier Restrictions: Can Showrooms Open Tomorrow?

New Year, new restrictions for many areas of England. During the Christmas period, many parts of England were elevated to Tier 4 restrictions as the new, more infectious strain of COVID-19 spread around the country. Cases have been over 50,000 a day for the best part of a week at the time of writing, [...]

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Northern Ireland And Wales To Enter New Lockdowns

Northern Ireland and Wales have both announced new, hard lockdown measures kicking in just after Christmas. In Northern Ireland, theirs starts on Boxing Day and will last at least 6 weeks. In Wales, theirs begins on 28th December but has no end date. A hint towards how long these measures will last. Christmas plans [...]

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Glazing Industry Specifically Mentioned In Lockdown Showroom Closures

Two weeks into the second lockdown in England we finally have some specific guidance on whether fenestration showrooms can remain open or have to close. The guidance at the start of the lockdown was more vague than the update issued today, where it mentioned car showrooms as an example of something that had to [...]

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What The Second Lockdown Means For Fenestration

This weekend saw a rapidly evolving situation where a planned statement from the Prime Minister on new coronavirus restrictions was brought forward to Saturday evening after extensive details were leaked to the media the evening before. So, what are the new restrictions and how does it affect fenestration, if at all? Lockdown 2.0 As [...]

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RegaLead Issues Coronavirus Trading Update

Joining the growing number of companies to issue trading updates after the reimposing of strict coronavirus control measures, RegaLead have published the following statement: It’s business as usual here at Regalead, but we have taken some precautionary steps to keep our team as safe as possible as Manchester went into Tier 3 lockdown measures [...]

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Welsh Government Issues New Information On Working In Homes

The Welsh Government appears to have updated its guidance on whether or not tradespeople can work in people's homes. After the announcement of their lockdown, this was the original guidance issued: Work carried out inside other people’s homes can only take place if it is urgent or to repair a fault which poses a [...]

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Wales To Go Into Two-Week “Fire-Break” Lockdown

This is a breaking story and further updates will be issued... Announced this lunchtime by Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford, Wales is to go into a "fire-break" two-week full national lockdown. The lockdown sees the situation in Wales revert back to what was seen in March and April. All residents in Wales are required [...]

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Press Glass Make Coronavirus Statement

As the COVID-19 second wave builds momentum in the UK and in Europe, Press Glass have released this statement: This is essentially an "everything remains fine" update from the business. However, as COVID digs in for a second time and countries around the world and here in the UK implement more lockdown measures, there [...]

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