How COVID-19 Has Changed UK Fenestration Three Years On

On Friday 24th March 2023, it will mark the three-year anniversary of the beginning of the first lockdown due to COVID-19 in the UK. Remember the pandemic? In what now seems such a distorted and strange period of time, filled with fear, frustration, anger and conspiracy theories, the pandemic has left an indelible mark [...]

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COVID Plan B Rules In England Dropped – How It Affects Fenestration

It has been announced today that Plan B COVID rules in England are to be dropped from next week. This comes as cases and hospitalisations begin to decline. These are the changes that will be coming into force from next week, and how they will affect the fenestration sector in England. COVID Plan B [...]

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How The Omicron Variant Could Disrupt UK Fenestration

A new year and still the pandemic is with us. Will 2022 be the year we finally say goodbye to COVID and see it melt away into the obscurity of daily life? Maybe. But right now it's still with us and the Omicron variant is causing us problems. Omicron and isolation COVID and the [...]

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England Moves To Plan B

No, not the rapper. England is moving into Plan B to combat rising cases of the new Omicron COVID variant that scientists say could skyrocket in the coming weeks. Up until the end of November the Government had been insisting that all was going well and that Plan A, the most minimal amount of [...]

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Bau China 2021 Postponed

The pandemic continues to cause problems around the world when it comes to event planning. This time it is Bau China 2021 which has had to move its dates. Thankfully not too far, only to mid-December and just before Christmas. China does continue to have a very strict COVID containment policy, and so any [...]

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Ningbo Partial Shutdown Could Cause UK Fenestration Sector Problems

Whilst the UK might be getting some level of control over COVID-19, much of Asia is gripped firmly by the virus once again. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and others are all experiencing record numbers of cases, hospitalisations and deaths. It is a reminder that even though things are improving in the UK, [...]

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Lifting Of Lockdown Delayed To July 19th

In what was a widely expected announcement, on Monday evening Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the final stage of the lifting of lockdown, due to take place on June 21st, would be delayed by four weeks to July 19th. It comes as the spread of the Delta variant, first discovered in India, is [...]

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Scotland’s Fenestration Installers Went Back To Work Today

At long last, after nearly four full months unable to work, fenestration installers in Scotland have gone back to work on Monday as lockdown restrictions have been eased further. It follows England and Wales that were able to reopen showrooms at the start of the month. It marks another moment of progress in Scotland [...]

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Showrooms In England And Wales Reopen Today

After nearly a third of the year, showrooms in England and Wales are reopening today as part of the second major phase of the reopening of the British economy from what has been the longest lockdown period so far. Installers have been busy making preparations over the past few weeks in anticipation of today, [...]

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Showrooms Confirmed To Open From April 12th

The second phase of the roadmap to unlocking from this third lockdown, the reopening of non-essential retail and the reopening of showrooms, is still on track for April 12th. This will be the second major step in the roadmap and will see larger sections of the UK economy opened up. For fenestration, this is [...]

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Lockdown – 1 Year On

Tuesday marked exactly one year since the start of lockdown as the UK, as with much of the rest of the world, battled to keep COVID at bay. A sombre moment for the entire nation as we remembered those who have been taken from us, the family and friends who mourn loved ones, and [...]

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One Year On From 23rd March 2020 – Masterframe Then And Now

This is a sponsored article by Masterframe Windows: On that one day, everything changed, everyone thought they saw it coming but nobody thought it really would, a lockdown, and a pandemic so serious that it would force Masterframe, along with many other manufacturers and businesses to close its doors. In procession of a full [...]

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GM Fundraising Moves Peak, Paddle, Pedal To 2022

GM Fundraising has announced its 2021 Peak, Paddle, Pedal charity event to raise money for Hope House Children’s Hospices has been further postponed until 2022. Gary Morton, the founder of GM Fundraising, said: “Having already postponed our scheduled 2020 event back to 2021 due to the pandemic, we are disappointed to reschedule again. With [...]

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Messe Düsseldorf Calls Off glasstec In June 2021

This is a press release from glasstec: Next glasstec to be held in line with its accustomed scheduling from 20 to 23 September 2022 The glasstec trade fair will not be held as planned due to the sustained pandemic and continued global lockdown measures as well as international travel restrictions. In close coordination with [...]

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Scotland’s Route From Lockdown Announced And How It Affects The Fenestration Sector

A day after England revealed its route out of lockdown, Scotland announced theirs. A similarly cautious approach, but with the country reverting back to a tier system, whilst England has aimed for no COVID measures at all by June. Here's what you need to know and how it affects Scottish fenestration. The main points [...]

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PM Announces Lockdown Lifting Plan – What It Means For Fenestration

The day the entire country has been waiting for. The day where the Prime Minister would finally reveal the plan for England to leave lockdown, hopefully forever. It was cautious, it was slow, but it was hopeful and gave the country some dates (with caveats) where plans could finally be made to see friends [...]

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