Supply Of Raw Materials Is Now The Biggest Threat To The Recovery

That's not my view, although I agree with it. That is the view coming from a range of financial and manufacturing institutions that have been weighing in on the growing global crisis in the supply chain. We all know well in UK fenestration how much the supply chain is strained right now, and with [...]

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Glass Sector Faces Further Chaos In The Coming Months

Thought the strains on the supply were bad enough? They're about to get worse. We are well aware of the problems in the PVC resin market, glass, steel etc. These have gradually got worse during the course of the year. Now the Scottish market is back, those strains are going to become worse as [...]

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Government Announces Help-To-Build Self-Build Mortgage

The Government has announced a new "help-to-build" self-build mortgage scheme which aims to encourage the public to consider building their own homes as an option, rather than buying an existing one. £150m in funding for self-build mortgage This the part of the press release from the Government about the scheme: New plans supported by [...]

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GM Fundraising Launches The ‘GMF 100’ Cycling Challenge

This is a press release from GM Fundraising: Industry charity fundraiser GM Fundraising has just launched a new team cycling challenge, which will be held on Sunday 8th August 2021. The event, called the ‘GMF 100’ is a cycling challenge and is being sponsored by Epwin Window Systems. All funds raised will go directly [...]

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Scotland’s Fenestration Installers Went Back To Work Today

At long last, after nearly four full months unable to work, fenestration installers in Scotland have gone back to work on Monday as lockdown restrictions have been eased further. It follows England and Wales that were able to reopen showrooms at the start of the month. It marks another moment of progress in Scotland [...]

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There Is A Tech Race In UK Fenestration

Whether you have realised it or not, technology is now running the fenestration sector. Social media plays a central role in almost every company. Email, chat apps and Teams/Zoom are the main ways we communicate with each other and with the public. Video is a rapidly growing part of the marketing landscape in this [...]

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Saint-Gobain Glass £30m Investment Secures Long-Term Glass Supply In The UK

Saint-Gobain Glass has commenced a £30m investment in its glass manufacturing factory in Eggborough, East Yorkshire. The company is carrying out a major construction programme to completely re-build and install a new state-of the-art float glass furnace, as well as upgrade other areas of the factory, which will secure the long-term supply of consistently [...]

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FENEX Announces Focus On Industry Sustainability At Main Event In September

As part of a wide a varied programme of topics and subjects that will be covered at the FENEX main event in September, one of the central pillars to the show will be a focus on fenestration sector sustainability and energy efficiency. Climate change and sustainability is the single most important issue facing every [...]

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The Days Of Super-Short Lead Times Are Over

Of the many lessons we are learning and have learned during this pandemic and the consequences of it, I would hope that one of them is that we do not go back to the days of super-short lead times. I can understand why we got there. In the age of the internet and next-day [...]

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Modular Group Investments (MGI) Acquires Rapid PVCU Systems

Modular Group Investments (MGI), the company that has recently acquired Euramax, has now acquired South Yorkshire based fabricator Rapid PVCU systems. This was the statement the company released: Modular Group Investments Limited (MGI), a fast-growing group of businesses in the UK offsite and modular manufacturing sectors, has completed the next stage of its acquisition [...]

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The Great Price Readjustment

For as long as I have been in this sector, the discussion around the prices at which we sell our wares to the general public is that they have been too low for too long. We often compare ourselves to other sectors such as kitchens, vacations and automotive sectors and we often comment about [...]

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Open Letter: Supply Chain Security, Surcharges And End-User Demand

Supply chain security, surcharges and end-user demand. It’s a heady mix of opportunity and challenge. COVID-19, Furlough, the Stamp Duty holiday and the plethora of bounce back loans and tax breaks unveiled by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, have created a unique environment for business, and closer to home in our own sector, a period of [...]

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Customade Group Releases Statement After CEO Leng Steps Down

Following the personal announcement from David Leng via his Linkedin account, there has been a statement released by Customade Group via their website. It reads as follows: After leading Customade through a successful refinancing process during the 2020 lockdown and restarting the new group David leng has announced he is stepping down as Group [...]

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BREAKING: David Leng Leaves Customade Group

In a statement on Linkedin, Customade Group CEO David Leng has announced that he has left the business. The statement is as follows: After an exceptionally tough 4 years at Customade Group I am pleased to be able to step away from my Chief Exec role and successfully leave the business in very good [...]

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Google Trend Search Indicates Demand Higher Than Ever

You thought it was busy in 2020? It appears 2021 is trying very hard to make last year look like a breeze. To say things are busy right now would be a vast understatement. Installers are reporting crazy-long lead times, the supply chain in parts is starting to crumble under the pressure, raw material [...]

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Showrooms In England And Wales Reopen Today

After nearly a third of the year, showrooms in England and Wales are reopening today as part of the second major phase of the reopening of the British economy from what has been the longest lockdown period so far. Installers have been busy making preparations over the past few weeks in anticipation of today, [...]

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